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Elisabetta Di Sopra

Elisabetta di Sopra (1969) was born in Pordenone, and now lives and works in Venice.

After graduating from the Venice Academy of Fine Arts, she spent several years as the curator of the Maurizio Cosua video art competition that formed part of the Francesco Pasinetti Festival. She is a member of  the Carlo Montanaro Archive Cultural Association, working for the Fabbrica del Vedere (Factory of Seeing). She teaches on the Fine Arts Master’s in Filmmaking at Venice’s Ca’ Foscari University, where she also collaborates on the Short Film Festival set up to promote Italian video art.

Her artistic research focuses on the use of video where the narration is characterized by simple and telling actions that highlight the psychological dynamics underlying daily life, family relationships, the female body and social roles.

The body, as it speaks through minimal gestures, lies at the basis of her work, turning into a metaphor of our being in the world.