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Jean Sadao

Jean Sadao (1976) is the pseudonym of Koji Geronazzo Ogawa. Born in Milan, he divides his time between Japan and Italy.

After graduating in Oriental Languages ​​and Civilizations from Venice’s Ca’ Foscari University, in 2009 he moved to Japan, where he teaches film technique at the Vantan Design Institute in Tokyo. In 2011 he founded Jabirustudio, an independent production company specializing in the creation of experimental films and video art.

After the Fukushima disaster he worked as assistant director on a series of charity shorts for Ryuichi Hiroki.

His work as an artist is expressed through the language of experimental cinema. His early works, presented at the Uppsala International Short Film Festival in Sweden and at the Flexiff Experimental Film Festival in Australia, focused on the theme of identity and its connections with today’s society, very often using images that had a strong surreal and symbolic component.