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Federica Marangoni

Federica Marangoni (1940) was born in Padua, and now lives and works in Venice.

An artist and designer, as well as a pioneer in research into new materials such as neon, plastic and video, she has rooted her work in themes of light and artifice, reality and fiction, and in the transparency and virtual mobility of the image.

In 1970 she founded the Fedra Studio Design in Venice and in the same year began experimenting with glass, which was to become the basic element in her artistic production. She creates sculptures and large multimedia installations by setting up a dialogue between the transparency and fragility of glass, on the one hand, and technological media, on the other. Fundamental to her work is the attention she pays to social issues in the existential context in which mankind moves.

From 1976 to 1989 she was an adjunct professor at New York University. In 1980 she received an invitation from the MoMA in New York to present a performance entitled “Interrogation” and an experimental film “The Box of Life”. That same year she was also invited to the Venice Biennale.

From the mid-1970s right up until the present, the use of electronic technology has been one of her principal means of expression.