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Within the Italian artistic setting, steeped as it is in tradition and ferment, Etherea Art Gallery presents itself as a hub of cultural innovation that organizes and hosts artistic projects conceived and realized using multimedia technologies.

It is the first gallery in Italy dedicated to time-based media art, offering a window on contemporary art at its most innovative that reveals its state of ongoing evolution. It fuses physical and virtual space, creating a new dimension that expands our perception of the intrinsic allure of art while also broadening knowledge and consumption of multimedia works of art.

In its premises in Palazzo Ducale, Genoa’s most important public cultural space, it supports and encourages works of art and artists through exhibitions, interviews and presentations that help promote a perspective view of contemporary art.

Etherea Art Gallery also collaborates with public and private bodies, national and international institutions and foundations as part of an approach that pays particular attention to market developments.