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Loredana Galante

Loredana Galante was born in Genoa in 1970 but lives and works in Milan

Her studies, at the Paul Klee High School of Art and the Linguistic Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa, constitute a solid starting point that will later help her to develop a personal vision of art, which is markedly multifaceted and creative.

The continuous research and the need to interact with different disciplines and languages of communication, able to involve other people in the artistic practice in addition to herself, push her to attend several dance internships and theater courses.

Loredana Galante is not bound by a medium, her work ranges from the slender and elegant pencil stroke, to the living and gallantry of spaces. She works with installation, performance, painting and laboratory form. Her performative activity is increasingly focused on rituals of socialization and interaction with the public; she deals with the central themes of the human being; love, family, emotional dependence, abandonment.