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Lory Ginedumont

Lory Ginedumont (1963) is a French artist. She lives and works between Genoa and Nice.

Her works have been exhibited in galleries and public institutions in Italy and abroad.

The main subject of her research is personal experience. To achieve this, she uses photography, video, installation, textile sculpture, drawing and writing. The nature of her investigations in art revolves around the theme of absence, disappearance, and in particular mourning.

The artist is the director of his own videos. Narrator but also actor of the narrative, photographer and subject of photography.

The theme of death is present in many of the artist’s works, and she devotes a large part of her videos, which she calls “short films”.

A recurring theme in Lory Ginedumont’s works is the ethereal figure of the angel. A strongly materialistic and atheistic artist, she does not believe in life after death, nor that it continues in any way. The angel thus becomes symbol of a personal and family memory that helps to overcome the pain of eternal absence.