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Malena Mazza

Malena Mazza was born in Bologna, lives and works in Milan.

Originally from Bologna, soon moved to Milan where she attended the School of Cinema. The beginning of her career sees her as an assistant to important film directors, working alongside Michelangelo Antonioni and the brothers Paolo and Vittorio Taviani.

She then approaches photography, the perfect dimension to put into practice her projects on the aesthetic and sociocultural mutation of the female in the last 40 years, looking at photography as an art form and preferring color to BW. Especially exercising her ironic and irreverent point of view that emphasizes the striking dichotomy of the two aspects of the feminine: the woman who in everyday life is divided between work, family, children, shopping and cleaning, but who must also always be perfect, glamorous and sexy, as society wants. A woman as improbable as she is real, an equilibrist of life.

Malena participates in two editions of the iconic Venice Biennale, her works have been exhibited at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan and in many important events such as Art Basel and Arte Fiera Bologna.