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Sara Ferro e Chris Weil

Sara Ferro (Milan, 1977) and Chris Weil (Bad Nauheim, 1988) form together the international duo ARTOLDO.

She, a media sociologist, he, a film editing specialist, both Genoese by adoption. Since 2015 they are creating invariably throughout four-handed as a collective, micro, short, medium and feature-length films with exploratory outlook, experimental look and cineastic frown, dealing at 360 ° in “primae personae” with everything related to their moving images and video art, from direction to shooting, from editing to the soundscape, from conception to installation, from enlightenment to lighting staging, always with the pleasure of investigating and inquiring controversial realms.

The messages sent out through their works deliberately have a tone between the semi-serious and the vaporous, to conceal the vitriol of an invective that they instead  prearranged to arouse in a subconsciously, by virtue of a digital transformation of the grumbling into an accelerationist incipit. To this end, they undertake forays into synthetic worlds and the less visible new media territories, where they can imagine the means to cross new frontiers.