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Virginia Monteverde

Virginia Monteverde was born in Tübingen in Germany in 1969, and now lives and works in Genoa.

Since graduating from Genoa’s Ligustica Academy of Fine Arts, her interest has always been focused on the languages ​​of contemporary art and new technologies, as part of a complex vision that embraces artistic and cultural work as a totality.

She is the artistic director of Art Commission, for which she not only performs curatorial functions but also carries out the painstaking work of promotion and coordination, in collaboration with institutional and private entities both in Italy and abroad.

An attentive connoisseur of new trends in art, she has devised and staged numerous interesting exhibitions involving international artists and curators.  Among the most important:

– “Prison Cells, Traces of Memory”, Artists United in Remembrance of the Shoah, held in the old prison cells in Genoa’s Palazzo Ducale

– the biennial exhibition “The Latitudes of Art”, also held in Genoa’s Palazzo Ducale

– ETHEREA – Digital Universe – multimedia art exhibition curated together with the art critic Viana Conti and Derrick de Kerckhove, media theorist and digital sociologist, put on in Genoa at the Palazzo Ducale and in Milan at the Santa Teresa Mediateca.

The multiple relationships with national and international artists she has created and built up over the years, together with the collaboration between various disciplines in the arts (theatre, dance, visual arts, film), have enabled her to set up a fluid and dynamic network of intellectual exchanges, yet further proof of her attention to the more complex aspects of the contemporary scene.